Freya at FSharpX 2017


April 7th/8th saw FSharpX 2017 taking place in London, and Freya was wonderfully demonstrated and described by Marcus Griep (@neoeinstein) in a talk on making Freya, Hopac and Kestrel work together. The talk acts as an excellent introduction to Freya and the Freya machine concept, and is available now to watch online at the Skills Matter site.

The reception from the community for this talk has been fantastic, and Don Syme mentioned Freya in his Top of Mind session session later in the day in relation to the power of functional programming for web architectures, both server and client side. See from about 13 minutes in to hear what Don has to say about Freya, although the whole talk is well worth your time. And speaking of client side, if you haven’t tried Fable, you definitely should!

The architectural power allowed by typed functional programming as it relates to web programming (particularly on the lower level server side) is enticing, and is one of the major factors in making Freya a powerful and attractive option for this type of programming - a blog post talking in more detail about this is coming shortly.