Freya + Hopac


Starting with 3.0 (including release candidate builds), we’re very excited that Freya now supports two concurrency models in the F# ecosystem. Traditionally, Freya has been based around the F# async abstraction, but as of 3.0 you can choose between using the “default” implementation or an implementation integrating Hopac. If you write your systems using the fantastic concurrent programming options offered by Hopac, you can now join this up seamlessly with Freya.

As of 3.0, new packages have been introduced, including for the Freya meta-package (giving a complete Freya stack). Simply select Freya.Hopac instead of Freya as a dependency in your package management tool of choice, and start using Hopac.

For more on the packages available and other relevant information, see the Hopac section in the Freya documentation.